As it’s the time of year to look back….. I have found that I have looked back to 2012 and the images I was producing in that year.

It’s really surprising to see what I was doing in 2012 and what I am producing now – I have to say it’s still painterly and still on the surreal side.

I have always appreciated the weird and wonderful and remember how much I enjoyed putting together the headless man and the giraffes – it lead to a number of other images that were equally wild & wacky.

In 2014 I have still enjoyed painting with pixels….. but 2015 is going to see me return to the FINE ART NUDE which I have neglected for a while now.

I am really excited at what is in the pipeline for 2015 and will be able to tell you more about it early next year…… lets just say its going to be FANTASTIC !!


The Yearning

Ophelia's dreaming


New Images And Competition/Exhibition Success

I haven’t posted anything about the national (UK) and international competitions that I have entered as yet……… so I thought that I would start now.

The images below are all  new and are only just being sent out to the various salons/exhibitions.

All have won awards including silver medals and judges awards and as they are a departure from my usual creative images (and their not green) I have to admit that it’s pleasing for me to have more “straight” images recognised.

Hope you like them


Past Memories





The Dreaming


More Texturising Textures !

After launching my first pack of textures yesterday I am amazed with the number of people who wanted to purchase them.

So…….. as requested,  here is the second pack of textures…..  named Pack #2

The textures are a massive 5472 x 3640 pxls  (18.2″  x 12. 2″) and 300dpi

I used a variety of these textures on the images below

Here is the link to the texture packs         http://joanbleasephotography.wordpress.com/textures/




Pre Raphaelite


The Calling

I have been asked to put on a workshop showing how to use these textures creatively and how to go about making your very own textures (and brushes)

This workshop will be held in Warrington, Cheshire in early 2015.

If you are interested please  contact me via the form below – thanks




Tantalising Textures


After being asked many times about the various textures I use in my creative images,  I have put together a pack of 8 textures which may be of interest to some people

Here is the link for you to check out the textures (Pack #1) etc and how to contact me for more details          http://joanbleasephotography.wordpress.com/textures/

I used one or two of the textures in Pack #1 in the picture which is featured below

Venice 1

Digital And Real Painting

Psycho 1b

Today I have been painting in the traditional way and I realise why I don’t miss it !!

Having covered a large table with newspaper I proceeded to cover various types of paper  (watercolour and acrylic) with paint……. I also managed to cover the floor and myself in paint too.

As I was clearing everything up (and mopping the paint splattered floor) I realised how much I  didn’t miss real painting and how I felt much more happy (and much cleaner) painting digitally.

Hippy Dippy 1

Having completed the painting I pushed it through various Photoshop trickery and finished up with a set of images that I am pleased with.

These images will be the basis of a few manipulated images I have in mind.

If you want to know how to do this just drop me an email

Psycho 1f  small

More Travelling With My Camera



So John and I were travelling for just over three weeks and we visited some wonderful places.

One of the nicest Cities we visited was Quebec and great to see the various decorations for the up coming Halloween celebrations. Above is one of them …… taken with…. yes you’ve guessed it – my new Sony RX100111 – AKA Snappy.

Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t show how cold and VERY VERY windy it was. The trip round the city was very interesting and started out with 14 people but ended up with just 4 !

We were  toasty warm having packed thick coats, hats and boots – unfortunately most of the other visitors on the trip were from warmer climates and hadn’t pack any warm clothes at all … not even a coat – therefore they scuttled back to the warmth. They missed a great tour.

In Halifax (Nova Scotia) we visited the Titanic Museum and then the final resting place of the people who tragically died on that dreadful maiden voyage. It was shocking to learn that a very high proportion of the first class passengers survived whilst  high number of gentlemen in second class lost their lives. Most shocking of all was that almost all of the crew died,  just a handful survived – what a dreadful waste of life.

When we were making our way back to the ship (yes I know…. ) we had just visited a museum about the Titanic and now we were going back to our ship and the worse thing was that we had just heard the weather forecast was for severe gales…… eekkkkk,

I happened to pass this statue on our way back to the harbour and it reminded me of a picture I put together a few years ago and which has done very well in various International photographic exhibitions.

I wasn’t aware of this statue until we walked passed it – just shows there are not new ideas in photography (or art).



High Flyer

Finally a Pano as we sailed into New York harbour – which, I have to say, was breathtaking and the start of a couple of exciting days in the big apple.

New York

Snappy Happy – Off we go again !

So I am just back from 3 weeks touring from Montreal to Miami (its a VERY long way) and although I am tired I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and Snappy (my new Sony RX100) is proving to be such a great travelling companion.

The camera really can deal with most situations both indoors (in gloomy lighting) and outside when I am bobbing around on a boat on the Hudson River, New York.

statue 1


But this cameras best feature (as far as I am concerned) is the Panorama option – it is just totally mind blowing and hopefully over the new few weeks I will be uploading some of the images I have taken whilst I was away.

escorted 1



seascape 1


Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them :-)