Costume Shoot March 2015

This picture is from the Costume Workshop which took place in March this year – where has the year gone?

Two Girls


I haven’t done anything with the pictures…. in fact, I only took a few pictures throughout the whole weekend (it was a two day shoot)

But, as its cold and rainy outside, I have been on an editing spree and have been looking back at photoshoots from the last 18 months to see which pictures could do with a “twiddle or two”

Even though I personally haven’t used any of the pictures in competition, its so gratifying to see that others who attended the shoot have had  a lot of success with the pictures they took on the day (in one case winning a prestigious gold medal). The models and their costumes helped to inspire the wonderful images they produced.

I am going to get the costumes (and wigs) out again next year so…. if you are interested in having some photographic  fun……. there’s a form below :-)

Raphaella & The Next Workshop

Last week I mentioned that I was organising a Photographic/Photoshop workshop with the very beautiful Raphaella

Raph 4


I announced that the workshop would be on the 1st December and within half an hour it was fully booked !   Conseqently…… I think I may need to organise another workshop to look after the people who wanted to attend but who couldn’t make it on the 1st December.

If you would like to attend one of these future workshops (Photographic/Photoshop) please fill in the contact form below -Please note it is NOT a Fine Art Nude workshop.

Also, please contact me if you would like to go onto the list for next years costume shoot – more of which at a later date.

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in these workshops I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm


Raphaella In Pastel

I organised the shoot with Raphaella last week so that I could  produce some painterly pictures based on a ballet theme.  I have been really pleased with the “straight” photographs that have resulted from the shoot …. but here is an almost finished pastel version of one of the pictures.  Hopefully more to come.


Mono Ballet 1

I am organising a workshop with Raphaella soon (just waiting to confirm dates) and have had an overwhelming response from people asking for more information regarding this workshop. There are too many people for the planned one day workshop so it looks like there will me a couple more….. so if you would like more information, please fill in the form below.  Please note, it won’t be a fine art nude shoot.

Raphaella & The Next Workshop

Today I have had the pleasure of working (again) with the very VERY beautiful Raphaella and I have to say I enjoyed every second of it.  I feel that I have a long, but very pleasurable night in front of me  processing the images from the shoot and then deciding which one(s) I will turn into a more painterly picture using Corel Painter 2016.

In the meantime, I thought I would upload the first processed image (just a little twiddle here and there) for you to have a look at.


It was lovely to work with Raphaella again and during the shoot I persuaded her to put on a few of the costumes which I have recently designed and made – more of those later !

For those who are interested, I am organising a workshop in the next few weeks (before Christmas) featuring Raphaella so….. if you would like more information please send me a message using the contact form below.

The workshop will include a photoshoot with Raphaella and then a post processing session covering many areas from skin smoothing to cutting out and adding a figure into a background – or just recreating the above


Digital Portraits – Carolina

For a couple of months now I have been concentrating on improving my Corel Painting skills and as I have had quite a few emails from friends asking me “why I am being so quiet” (Facebook wise) I thought I would post my latest doodlings.

Portrait Of Caroline


I feel that this picture really takes me full circle – from when I started……. painting and drawing at life classes….. then discovering my love of photography… and eventually pushing my photographic boundaries  forward learning how to use Photoshop to enhance my images.

For a while now I have been learning how to use Corel Painter – looking back I started playing with Corel about 5  or more years ago but never “stuck with it” and I think that’s where I went wrong, you have to stick with it. On the whole I have found Corel Painter to be  very frustrating at times but (when it all goes well) wonderfully rewarding too. So I am thrilled to report that after many hours of practice and numerous Youtube Tutorials etc I can finally see some kind of progress.

The above painting started out as a photograph of the very beautiful Carolina (I photographed her earlier this year) and then was turned into this portrait entirely by hand painting (I didn’t use auto painting)

Hopefully I will continue to improve and I will share my progress :-)


Abstract Mountain ?

So I am totally out of my personal comfort zone now and really enjoying the feeling of freedom !

This picture actually started off as a texture and then I started to play around with it in Corel Painter….

Mountain Morning

As I was moving the pixels around I started to see a mountain range and sunrise (or sunset) beginning to emerge.

It’s still surprises me how powerful digital painting can be and how an abstract pattern can turn into something completely different.

A Portrait A Day………

Another day another portrait !   This time the very lovely Carolina who I had the pleasure of photographing earlier this year

Carolina 2ab


I wanted the picture to have a real painterly look about it with bold brash marks as if I had attacked the canvas with a brush heavily loaded with paint

However, here I am sitting quietly in my room gently dabbing at my Wacom Tablet – Digital art is much gentler and when you make a mistake (which I often do) it’s easy to delete and start again…. bliss