Model Day Madness !!!

Wednesday found Melanie, Jess and myself pushing the boundaries of normality.

We started off with a serene set of images featuring the very beautiful Jess smothered in layers of silky black material.

Melianie’s wonderful handiwork was awesome and she magically transformed Jess into the vision of loveliness pictured below

Jess 1

After the serene set of images we rushed downstairs from my studio (had lunch – obviously) and then Melanie (with much excitement) pushed the “out of this world” button and produced a stunning vision of loveliness (admittedly Jess did have the air of alien about her).

 Sometimes I have ideas on how something is going to look, but for what ever reason, it fails to live up to my expectations…. but not this time . I was so thrilled with how Jess looked –  it was exactly what I had been hoping for and isn’t it a wonderful feeling when a plan comes together :-) Melanie and I had discussed the shoot for weeks …. Jess was totally unaware of what was going to happen !! But she loved the experience and couldn’t help taking a selfie !

Jess selfie

Then back to the studio for more photographic fun :-)

Jess Portrait 2 copy

Next Tuesday finds me off on my travels to work with a photographic friend on some more exciting images – this time with a medieval twist ….. amongst other things !   Watch this space :-)


Travels With My Camera (AKA Snappy)

I took my Sony RX100 iii (AKA Snappy) out yesterday to the RHS Flower Show which was being staged at Tatton Park in Cheshire and I am still staggered by how well this camera performs.


The weather was perfect for photography and I enjoyed walking round looking at the various floral exhibits

Flower 5

Flowers shows (and the people who exhibit and attend ) appear to be a completely different world from the one I currently move in (all things photographic) but we all share the love of producing something that is eye catchingly beautiful.

Flower 3

It was fun taking pictures of flowers instead of models (less problems with lighting and posing) and just leaning in to take the picture was a joy.   Looking forward to doing something artistic with some of the pictures :-)

Flower 1

All of theres pictures were taken with the Sony Cyber Shot DSC RX100 iii


Textures And Digital Painting

I love blurring the boundaries between conventional art and photography (I think most people know that by now)    :-)

Recently I have been working on a few ballet pictures – both models were photographed at recent studio shoots


Raph 1a



The first one (above) is more painterly,  featuring the beautiful and very talented Raphaella. This image is achieved by  a combination of digital painting and texture overlays


And the second (below) is a more reflective image featuring the very lovely Lottie. This image is more of a montage using lots of layers, colour changes and textures.





Lonely Girl

I am currently putting together an Autumn/Winter schedule of studio shoots (Fine Art Nude and Costume) and also the very popular Tantalising Textures Workshops – so if you want to know more please contact me using the form below


Two More Abstract Pictures Completed

Another 2 pictures on their way to new homes

Picture 4


The pictures originate from photographs (trees, flowers, moss, mould, wood, and lots of other organic materials) and then textures applied (and a little digital painting)  to pull everything together.

A little dabble in Photoshop and Voila…. an abstract image and, in the case of these two pictures,  totally unique

Picture 5


I am really enjoying putting these pictures together and will be offering prints (framed and unframed) for sale very soon


If you would like further information please email me using the contact form below

Digital Art Commission

The first three of my “blurring the lines” pictures have been finished and are awaiting being picked up to go to their new homes.

Picture 3

Over the last few months I have been developing a new way of combining photography , digital art and texture and I have to say I am personally pleased with the results.


Picture 1

Every picture is totally unique and has been put together as a commission for people who share my love of texture and colour. They gave me their brief and what colours they liked the most and I set about creating a piece of art that hopefully they will enjoy for many years to come.

Picture 2

Thank you to the the two very lovely people who, not only commissioned these pictures, but have continued to support and encouragement me on the darkest of days.


For more info on commissioned work please message me using the form below – Many thanks

Art For Arts Sake (2)

Pretty Flamingo

I’m going to call this picture Pretty Flamingo ( a nod to Manfred Man’s song of the 60’s) and yes its green…… it had to be done didn’t it?

Again, all elements are mine from the photographed flamingo to the various textures (wood, lichen, concrete, stippled walls etc – all blended together and overlaid) oh…and a small bit of freehand digital painting (just a tiny bit)

I am having such fun putting these pictures together and seeing how they turn out. I don’t tend to plan anything just “fiddle” around and see what happens – see what what goes with what.

Yesterday it was stylised trees today birds wonder what it will be tomorrow….. can’t wait to find out :-)

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Art For Arts Sake

Tree with leaves

Having a bit of fun putting images together that are part photography and part digital painting.  The theme has been trees (I know….. you would have never guessed !)

Very stylised images – not trying in any way to make it look real (probably succeeded) just enjoying chilling out and playing with images.

Trees and hills

The textures are all made by myself with many layers blended together for the final overall effect

More Tantalising Textures Workshops in the pipeline so if you would like more info and be added to my list please fill in the form below