New Site For My Prints – Hurrah !

Well I have finally got my act together and have found an “easy” way of providing prints for the people who have contacted me recently wanting to purchase one or two of them.


Abstract In Blue

So, as from today,  people can purchase my prints via Etsy – Just visit the site  and  in the Etsy Search box please type  JoanieBPhotographer and there you will find more details about my prints.

Thanks for taking the time to look :-)

Fine Art Nudes – Another Day Of Wonderfulness

Super excited about tomorrow when another Fine Art Nude Shoot takes place



_DSC5061 as Smart Object-1



The picture above is from a recent shoot with the very beautiful Faith Obae – tomorrow will be the first time I (and the other photographers attending the shoot) will have photographed the equally talented and beautiful Anna Rose.

Its always really fantastic to work with photographers who start off “a bit nervous” photographing Fine Art Nudes for the first time… but after a while (and with a bit of gentle encouragement from me) relax and enjoy the experience.

My bags are packed full of corsets and peacock feather frippery (obviously not for me) and I am sure Anna Rose will look fantastic in or out of the costumes

Apologies to those people who contacted me wanting to book onto the next Fine Art Nude shoot – this one was sold out before it was even “advertised” ……but there will be more coming very soon and I promise to let everyone know about it as soon as I have set the date.

Dabbling With Textures

Getting excited about  “going on tour” next weekend down to the lovely county of Kent – but in the meantime I am getting ready for the event by having a bit of a dabble with colour and texture

Shadow Of The Crow

I started to play around with textures and blending modes (with the odd colour layered on top ) but when it was finished I felt it needed something…. but what?….a bird!  So I photographed a bird that was sitting in the garden and he fitted into the picture perfectly.

All elements of this picture started life as a photograph – from the textured background to the bird

Looking forward to the Tantalising Textures Workshop on Monday and the various “one to one’s” I am doing whilst I am in the area.

If you are on the workshop…….. I am looking forward to meeting you and help you texturise your particular world

If you want to know more then please fill in the contact form below

Textures That Tantalise !

For quite a while now I have enjoyed playing with textures and overlaying them onto “conventional” images. However, just lately I seem to be producing textured pictures just featuring the texture itself and very little else.


Blue Horizon

I love overlaying textures, using various Photoshop tools, a bit (and only a bit) of digital painting  and finally utilising various blending modes  to create something a bit different


The textures are overlaid in random ways but when you look at the pictures you start to see images contained within…. is it really there or is it your imagination  :-)


For more info about my textured images please fill in the contact form below

Tantalising Textures On Tour !

How exciting….. The Tantalising Texture Workshop is on tour and the first port of call is in the Garden Of England  – the very beautiful county of Kent.



These workshops have proved to be so much fun  and I really enjoy teaching people how to create wonderful images using the textures they have photographed themselves whilst at the workshop.  I have been amazed at the results the attendees have produced after just one workshop – I know they have been amazed too !!!

Raph 1a


Tree with leaves

I will also show attendees how to make their very own Photoshop brushes

The August Tantalising Texture Workshop is the start of the Autumn Seasons offering with workshops (FINE ART NUDE, COSTUME EXTRAVAGANZA, AND TANTALISING TEXTURES) planned for September, October, November and December


Birds 1

For those interested in the Fine Art Nude Shoot the next one has been scheduled for Saturday 22nd August but is fully booked – there is a waiting list just in case there is a cancellation


Further details regarding these  Workshops/Shoots will posted on this website in due course.

I have a mailing list of people who are interested in the workshops and photographic Shoots and it you would like to be added to the list please fill in the contact form below :-)


Model Day Madness !!!

Wednesday found Melanie, Jess and myself pushing the boundaries of normality.

We started off with a serene set of images featuring the very beautiful Jess smothered in layers of silky black material.

Melianie’s wonderful handiwork was awesome and she magically transformed Jess into the vision of loveliness pictured below

Jess 1

After the serene set of images we rushed downstairs from my studio (had lunch – obviously) and then Melanie (with much excitement) pushed the “out of this world” button and produced a stunning vision of loveliness (admittedly Jess did have the air of alien about her).

 Sometimes I have ideas on how something is going to look, but for what ever reason, it fails to live up to my expectations…. but not this time . I was so thrilled with how Jess looked –  it was exactly what I had been hoping for and isn’t it a wonderful feeling when a plan comes together :-) Melanie and I had discussed the shoot for weeks …. Jess was totally unaware of what was going to happen !! But she loved the experience and couldn’t help taking a selfie !

Jess selfie

Then back to the studio for more photographic fun :-)

Jess Portrait 2 copy

Next Tuesday finds me off on my travels to work with a photographic friend on some more exciting images – this time with a medieval twist ….. amongst other things !   Watch this space :-)


Travels With My Camera (AKA Snappy)

I took my Sony RX100 iii (AKA Snappy) out yesterday to the RHS Flower Show which was being staged at Tatton Park in Cheshire and I am still staggered by how well this camera performs.


The weather was perfect for photography and I enjoyed walking round looking at the various floral exhibits

Flower 5

Flowers shows (and the people who exhibit and attend ) appear to be a completely different world from the one I currently move in (all things photographic) but we all share the love of producing something that is eye catchingly beautiful.

Flower 3

It was fun taking pictures of flowers instead of models (less problems with lighting and posing) and just leaning in to take the picture was a joy.   Looking forward to doing something artistic with some of the pictures :-)

Flower 1

All of theres pictures were taken with the Sony Cyber Shot DSC RX100 iii