First Image From Costume Shoot



Last weekend saw the second of the Manor House Costume Shoots and although I didn’t take many pictures (I was busy trying to ensure that the other people who attended the shoot  were getting the images they wanted) I did manage to take a portrait  of Jess who was one of our beautiful models for the day.



So I took that portrait and …. well…… put a composite picture together…… and yes it IS green !!!!



Hopefully this will be the first of a number of pictures from the shoot that I can “alter”  and I hope that everyone else who attended will have as much fun playing with their pictures as I have had putting this one together

Tantalising Texture 31st May – SOLD OUT !!

Remembering Summer

A big THANK YOU  to everyone who have booked on the 26th April and 31st May Tantalising Textures workshops – they are BOTH now fully sold out




If you have missed those dates and would like to find out when the  next Tantalising Texture Workshops will be,  please fill in the contact form below  and I will ensure that you are kept informed


Thanks once again


Tantalising Textures Workshop Sunday 31st May 2015


The Rooster

The April Tantalising Textures Workshop is now fully booked and next Workshop on  May 31st is filling up fast

If you would like to know more about this Workshop please email me via the contact form below and I will be happy to answer any of your questions :-)



The Yearning


Hope to hear from you soon


Thank You



This is a personal big THANK YOU to all the people who have sent me private messages and even a beautiful card  to say how much they enjoyed the Manor House Costume shoot and/or the Photoshop Workshop which took place last weekend.

It has taken many months of planning,  transatlantic phone calls, Face Timing. and flights between myself and Marie Otero…. but hopefully all of the hard work has paid off and the weekend seems to have been well received.

This coming weekend sees us doing it all again with the beautiful Portia Victoria and Jess Wilcock……  and I have to say I am really looking forward to it !!!

PS  We have already planned another shoot for June…… this time it will be Fine Art Nudes :-)



Languishing Ladies

Thought that I would post 3 new images that I have been working on entitled “Languishing Ladies” – there will be more to come, as I see these 3 pictures forming part of a series featuring these lovely ladies.


I love creating images that have a painterly feel and hopefully I have achieved that with these images


Working with such beautiful models makes everything so much easier and I will have the pleasure of working with Jess and Portia over the next two weekends. Who knows where the Languishing Ladies will recline next :-)


Having “Faith” In Fine Art Nudes !

The model featured here is the very beautiful Faith and I had the  pleasure of photographing her recently.

As a Fine Art Model she is up there with the best – in my humble opinion.


Faith and a chair is a simple but great combination !


……..and Faith in a dress is a perfect combination too !


Looking forward to working with her again sooooooooon  as she will be one of the models in a future Fine Art Nude Workshop :-)

If you would like to know more about these workshops please fill in the contact form below – many thanks

Tantalising Textures Workshop 26th April

The first Tantalising Textures Workshop on Sunday 26th April is fully booked.


bluebell 1


However, I have been contacted by people who would like to attend the workshop but can’t make the 26th April

If you would like to be added to the list of people who are interested in future workshops please fill in the form below

Many thanks for all the lovely emails and comments