Girls With Pearls

I absolutely love creating textured pictures and I have spent a very pleasant hour today putting this picture together.



I am going to call it “Girls With Pearls” and it was a photograph I took at the recent Manor House Costume Shoot which took place in March. The problem with organising these events is that you don’t get much chance to take photographs …. but I managed to take one or two, and this is one of them.

I also enjoy showing people how I achieve these images …. nothing secret…..and very easy to do, you just need the right picture, the right texture and lots and LOTS of practice.

Andrea Hargreaves Award Winning Picture


I am absolutely thrilled to hear that ANDREA HARGREAVES has been awarded a London Salon Medal with this picture.

The models , Portia & Jess were part of the MANOR HOUSE COSTUME SHOOT that myself and Marie Otero organised recently.

When putting the shoot together I hoped that the the resulting pictures taken by the attendees would be successful for them (that was the whole point of the shoot) and my goodness it doesn’t get much better than a medal at the London salon (which is one of my personal favourites salons)

I am over the moon that Andrea’s photograph of the two models in their costumes (the idea was inspired by Vivianne Westward and Marie Antoinette) inspired her to put together such a fabulous picture – needless to say her post production expertise is first class.

Many congratulations Andrea x

Published Picture



Last night I had an email to say that one of my pictures had made it into the prestigious Sheeba Fashion Magazine and I am absolutely thrilled to have one of my images published.

The picture accompanied an article about Faith Obae who is a fantastic model and who I have had the privilege of photographing a couple of times now.

I am “known” if I am “known” for my creative painterly pictures (especially green ones !)  but this is a straight shot…. who’d have thought !

Needless to say I am going to hot foot it into town to buy a copy of said magazine – this kind of thing doesn’t happen very often  but when it does … my goodness it feels good !




First Tantalising Textures Workshop

bluebell 1


Well,  the first (hopefully of many) Tantalising Textures Workshops took place yesterday and I have to say that it was a pleasure to work with the people who attended.


It was lovely to take everyone step by step through the various stages – from finding and  photographing the textures (who knew they were so close to the house !) to changing the look and colour of them. By changing the colours and overlaying one texture onto another it enabled everyone to add to to the variety of textures and colours that could be used in future images.


There were also a selection of still life objects from which to choose and it was interesting to see who went for what – I think eventually everyone got to photograph almost everything.  I had put a collection of flowers, fruit, vases, receptacles of varying sizes and shapes together …. but people quickly found other things to photograph that were scattered around the room. It was lovely to see them spotting items for themselves.


After doing  the photographic part of the workshop we worked on putting it all together and it was such a joy for me to see  the results of everyones hard work – and they did work hard …… because it was a workshop and not a sit down watch me demonstrate event.



At the end of a long and intense day everyone went home (exhausted but happy) with lots of images, textures and the knowledge of how to construct some wonderful Tantalising Textured images for themselves


Thanks to everyone who attended – you know who you are :-)


If are interested in find out about the next Tantalising Textures Workshop please fill in the form below


Fine Art Nude 14th June – SOLD OUT


Just a quick update to say that the Fine Art Nude Photo Shoot on the 14th June is now fully sold out.

Thanks to all who have booked on the photographic sessions and apologies to all who were a bit late in requesting a place.


If you are interested in any further Fine Art Nude Photo Shoots or indeed a Fine Art Nude Workshop (for those people who would like to photograph Fine Art Nudes but haven’t done anything like it before) please contact me using the form below – I will keep you updated on future events

Tantalising Textures



The first of the Tantalising Textures Workshop takes place this Sunday and I have been busy putting the finishing touches to everything.

Thought to myself this afternoon……..  think I might do something new….. texture picture wise..

…… so I did !

Below is the start picture so you can see what the original looks like.


Looking forward to Sunday and being able to welcome all of the people who have booked on the workshop

There is another Tantalising Workshop in May (which is also fully booked) but if you want to be kept informed of future workshops please filling the contact form below :-)


Fine Art Nude Studio Shoot 14th June (Only 3 Places Left)

The Fine Art Nude Photo Session scheduled for Sunday 14th June is almost sold out.



There are only 2 places left on the morning session starting at 9:30am and 1 place left on the afternoon session starting at 2:00pm.

There will be a maximum of 3 photographers to each model and the photographic shoot will take place in a studio north of Manchester.

We have 2 of the finest Fine Art Nude models around at the moment Freda and Raphaella Withlove. I have photographed both of these ladies before (Raphaella – a few years ago) and both are a delight to work with.



If you would like more information about this photographic session please fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.