Tantalising Textures Workshop 26th April – One Place Remaining

The first Tantalising Textures Workshop on Sunday 26th April is almost fully booked – there is only one place remaining.


bluebell 1


However, I have been contacted by people who would like to attend the workshop but can’t make the 26th April

If you would like to be added to the list of people who are interested in future workshops please fill in the form below

Many thanks for all the lovely emails and comments



Tantalising Textures Workshop Sunday 26th April 2015

For a number of years now people have asked me how I achieve my painterly textured pictures.  So after lots and LOTS of requests I am organising a special workshop to show you, in easy step by step stages,  how I achieve my  pictures.

Swan Impression


I would suggest that the key to what I do is using the right sort of textures.  So to begin the tutorial workshop we will go out and find and photograph the  textures we will be using to construct our final textured image – we will find these textures less than 5 mins from where the workshop is taking place (we will travel by car).
After we have captured and processed our textures we will do some simple tabletop photography to enable us to have a focal point for our creative image.
After that I will show you how to put it all together to achieve a picture similar to this
Remembering Summer
If you have always wanted to achieve this painterly textured effect….. but didn’t know where to start….. this is your chance to find out more. All you will need is a camera, laptop with photoshop installed and an open mind. If you use a Wacom Tablet and Pen all the better ….. but if you don’t it’s still okay.
The Rooster
There are a very limited number of places for this workshop – so if you would like more details please complete the contact form below. The workshop will take place on Sunday 26th April in Warrington, Cheshire and will cost £95 (to include lunch).

A Creative Life



Having just watched a programme on the BBC about painting I realised that for as long as I can remember I have loved being creative. A day without doing something creative makes me feel quite….. “jittery” and I don’t know what to do with myself . Most days I can’t wait to put on my computer and “get started” and sometimes I even  wake up in the middle of the night with a “brilliant idea” for a picture  (sadly never as good an idea when I fully wake up the next morning )

When travelling, I usually keep a small sketch pad and pencil in my handbag –  I find that I doodle and sketch people when I am sitting around waiting for planes/trains. More often than not when I go on holiday I take my watercolour paints/pencils and will happily paint/sketch away for hours. I can get so engrossed with what I am doing I don’t realise that there are people behind me watching what I am creating and its only when I get a gentle tap on the shoulder (which usually makes me jump and squeal) that I come back to reality.

I have drawn, painted, thrown pots (not in anger), done embroidery and made dresses and soft furnishing, knitted, learned to crochet, and recently learned to work with glass …………. but I have to say that I love photography the most.

I feel that this medium is definitely for me and I can produce pictures that have a painterly feel without the mess, smell and frustration of working with oils/acrylics (don’t even get me started on the frustration of working with watercolours).

I have enjoyed learning how to push photography boundaries and this year I am going to offer workshops/tutorials demonstrating and teaching my style of textured images.


I believe everyone can be creative…… you just need a bit of inspiration.

The Yearning


If you want to know more about these workshops please fill in the contact form below :-)


Do Something Creative Every Day

Woolly Jumper


I love to produce  images that have a totally different subject matter and feel…….


Swan Impression


I enjoy producing pictures that are very painterly in their feel …..


Venice Impression

but I also love being in the studio and working with fantastic models.

Sixties Chick


Animal, Birds, People, Landscapes ……  it doesn’t matter as long as I do something creative on a daily basis I am a happy bunny :-)

I love making brushes to……Origional tree brush

2012 – Surprised With What I found

Blue Bird

Whilst filling in forms and putting together a photographic contact sheet of my images  I had to revisit 2012 in order to complete that task.

I was quite surprised with what I was doing “back then” – I was still (and still am) learning about Photoshop and was beginning to push boundaries using textures, layers and blending modes.

I like to think that I have improved since 2012… but it was lovely to see my style (if I have a style) beginning to emerge.

Anyway, here are a few examples of award winning images from 2012 – enjoy


The Rooster

The Yearning



Same Background – Different “Story”


Continuing with the theme of same background different “story” here is todays offering.

The field is the same with the same dropped in sky. The sky on the day I photographed the field was just a plain blank grey so it needed to be changed… so I did.

The top picture is an enchantress casting a spell over the bird… why?  what for? did she succeed ? its up to you to decide.

The bottom picture is the same background but with a completely different feel. This beautiful woman, as one with nature, is watching butterflies emerge from the good earth – full of hope and wonderment. A picture filled with love and beauty…. well hopefully.


Same background different concept and feel…. hopefully :-)

March Workshops Important Update


I am thrilled to announce that all 4  workshops planned for March 2015 have now been fully sold out. (By the way the two beautiful ladies above are our models for the photographic manor house workshop and they are wearing a couple of the costumes)

There are 2 photographic shoots planned for June 2015 (2 dates) with 4 of the most sought after models.

If you would like more information about the June photographic shoot or would like to add your name to the list of people who are interested in future workshops please fill in the contact form below.

Thanks to everyone who have booked for the March workshops – looking forward to working with you all :-)