Pushing The Boundaries



I enjoy blurring the boundaries between photography and conventional art.

At the moment I am working on images that owe a lot to pastel painting – soft colours in a muted palette.

I am doing this type of image because I have been approached by a Gallery to have an exhibition of my work……. but at the moment I am holding back on saying yes.

Anyway, I thought I would share the first of a series of pictures with you and hopefully there will be more to come very soon.

Tantalising Textures Triumph !!!

Birds 1

I created a “secret group” on Facebook for those people who attended one of my Tantalising Textures workshops so that they could upload their work in private and have it critiqued – it would also be a place  where I could offer advice as and when needed

The group members took the Facebook Group to their hearts and started posting lots of images and encouraging each other (a textured support group)  – I even gave them homework…. much grumbling  by some (I think its called banter)… but it spurred them on to trying new things.

I have just received one of the attendees latest textured pictures and I have to say a big WOW.  For someone who has never really attempted this type of work before, it is absolutely fantastic and such a credit to her. She should be very pleased with how its turned out and its all her own work – from start to finish.

I am thrilled that, with a little bit of  guidance, people push their boundaries and I love being a small part of it. Helping people and giving encouragement is what its all about….. well,  I think so anyway.

I was advised by a number of people (when they found out I was organising these workshops) that I shouldn’t “give my secrets away” regarding how I did my textured pictures BUT as I pointed out to them – there are no secrets in Photoshop its all there for you to find (just ask Youtube) and what I do isn’t a secret, anybody can do it…… again, just ask Youtube !!!

To all of the people who have attended the Tantalising Textures Workshops thanks – I am proud of you all. …… keep texturing the world :-)

Photographing Fredau And Fun In The Sun


Fredau 2014 shoot

Last year I photographed a superb model by the name of Fredau Wallace and so enjoyed the experience I expressed my desire to photograph her on her next visit to the U.K. luckily she agreed :-)

That was almost 12 months ago…. but after lots of emails and organisation the wait was so worth it – I had 2 days of joy photographing this beautiful woman.


Fredau-languishing            Fredau8



Here are a few pictures from the shoot (unedited) – I photographed her in my home and then at the beach,  I decided that a beach shoot would be great fun and as I had never attempted out door Fine Art Nude photography I was very scared…. but I needn’t of worried as Fredau was a true professional.

Fredau4       Fredau7     Fredau3




It was also a joy to see her wearing the costumes I put together for the recent manor house costume shoot and she looked equally as stunning as the models who wore them first. The costumes took me many hours to put together – sourcing the items and then sewing on the various bit and pieces but in the end it was very much worth all of the pricked fingers :-)


Fun-With-Fredau-1                Fredau-2    Fredau10

I will definitely be using these and all of the other wigs and costumes again very soon


Fredau was also part of an organised shoot where a number of other photographers had an opportunity to photograph her – I have seen a few of the resulting pictures and they are stunning (in my humble opinion).


I will be organising more photoshoots and workshops in the coming months  – if you would like to find out more please message me via the contact form below




The Journey Begins…

Over the last few days people have contacted me to express their surprise that I am “doing nature”  !!

Most people “know me” if I am known (which I very much doubt) for being a Creative (not a proper photographer) but it’s not always been that way.

I began my photographic journey (don’t you hate that phrase) back in 2007 when I bought my first DSLR camera and joined a local photographic club. It’s hard to believe that I didn’t find out about competitions until mid 2008 …. but once I did I was totally hooked.

My first images were very much based around people and mostly mono – which is a surprise as I don’t do many mono images these days. Here are a few of them …

2Total-Boredom            3-Holding-Court      Agony-&-Ecstasy


Cheers        3-Lonely-Lunch    The-winning-hand




I attempted nature…

7Great-Crested-Grebe-On-Nest        8Canada-Goose-Wing-Stretching    JoanBlease%2-Female--Mallard-In-Flight


I also didn’t find out about Photoshop until mid 2008 but when I did WOW did I enjoy the whole process of learning how powerful it was.  I learned about layers and composites and here are my very first attempts…. don’t laugh


JoanBlease%4-On-The-Run                                                              GBJOBL10


The above images were taken in 2008 and marks the beginning of my love for all things photographic – needless to say I wasn’t very successful getting many of my pictures accepted in competitions.

However, by the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 I was feeling more confident with my Photoshop manipulations and dipped my toe into the creative world :-)







Fantastic Fine Art Nude Photographic Few Days !!!



The last few days have been hectic but …….oh so fantastic !

Marie and I organised a Fine Art Nude photographic shoot last Sunday at Millwood Studios with two of the most gorgeous and professional models anyone could wish to work with – Fredau and Raphaella.

If the very lovely messages sent after the event by the people who attended is anything to go by everyone went home with a card (or cards) full of fantastic images  and, just like the previous workshops we have organised this year, I am sure there will be some award winning pictures amongst them.




Yesterday Marie and I had Freadau for the whole day and we spent half of the time in the studio and the other half at the beach. I am familiar with studio work but it was the first time I have photographed a nude on and around the beach……. I was terrified but I have to say I LOVED IT !!!! and the resulting images are beautiful (in my humble opinion….. you understand) I have always been a bit nervous about doing this type of “in nature” Fine At Nude photography but there is going to be no holding me back now …… I am going to do more…. lots more !!!

This weekend has been probably the BEST photographic experience I have had thus far and I am so pleased I have shared and experienced it with some very lovely people.

Thanks  to everyone for making it special x

2nd of the Tantalising Textures Workshops


The 2nd of the Tantalising Textures Workshops took place today and I have to say that it has been a pleasure working with all of the people who attended  today and the first workshop held in April.

My aim is to help people to produce textured images from beginning to end.

The workshop starts off by the delegates heading out (not very far) to find and photograph various subject matter and then coming back to learn how to process them to turn them into workable textures.

Remembering Summer

I have numerous items for the delegates to photograph and everyone seems to really enjoy this part – next its a matter of choosing which subject matter  goes with what texture – always the tricky part !

After that, I demonstrate to the  group how to put all of the elements together  to enable them to achieve their very own textured image – and its fantastic to see how quickly they pick up the process.

I have really enjoyed these workshops and I am planning more starting in June – if you want more information please fill in the contact form below

Girls With Pearls

I absolutely love creating textured pictures and I have spent a very pleasant hour today putting this picture together.



I am going to call it “Girls With Pearls” and it was a photograph I took at the recent Manor House Costume Shoot which took place in March. The problem with organising these events is that you don’t get much chance to take photographs …. but I managed to take one or two, and this is one of them.

I also enjoy showing people how I achieve these images …. nothing secret…..and very easy to do, you just need the right picture, the right texture and lots and LOTS of practice.