Reina de las Estrellas

So… here is picture number 2 from the Queen set of images.

It’s the same model but a different kind of Queenly style – this time the lovely Stephanie Dubois is Reina de las Estrellas, the Queen Of The Stars.  The make up was again skilfully applied by the wonderful Melanie Doyle

Reina de las Estrellas


Like the previous Floral Queen, this costume (well almost a costume –  she isn’t wearing anything else from the collar downwards !) has provided a few alternative “looks”  and hopefully they will bubble to the surface as the weeks go on.


Reina de las Flores con la Mariposas

The name of this image is Reina de las Flores con la Mariposas or The Queen Of Flowers With Butterflies – the first of my Queen series

Reina de las Flores 2

I had so much fun working with Stephanie Dubois and Melanie Doyle and look forward to working with them again (and other models) in the coming months :-)


I am now working on the next series of Queen images (more sewing/glueing of costumes and head pieces) but, in the meantime I will post some more pictures from the shoot with Stephanie & Melanie.


Raphaella Revisited Fully Booked (Again)

The vacant space on this weekends workshop has now been filled – thanks to everyone for your interest.

Sorry that I can’t accommodate more people on the workshops

Towards Tomorrow



However, there are more workshops to come so please contact me if you want to be on the waiting list :-)

One Spare Place On Saturday’s Raphaella’s Revisited Workshop

Due to unforeseen circumstances one of the people booked on the workshop has had to postpone their attendance to a later date.

Raphy 1

This means there is now a spare place and if you would like to snap it up please contact me at your earliest convenience


The workshop takes place in Warrington, Cheshire this Saturday 6th February


Contact me for more details using the form below… many thanks :-)


First Set Of Images – 2016 Project

Because I am so thrilled with the first set of images from the 2016 project I thought I would put them onto my website for you to have a quick peek at.  The model was the very delightful Stephanie Dubois and the make up artist was the very talented and equally lovely Melanie Doyle.

Queen Of The Night

Queen Of The Night

Stephanie (with the aid of Melanie and various costume changes) was perfect for the various images. I have spent many a month putting the costumes together and planning the shoot but its only when you see it all come together right in front of your eyes (and lens) that all the hard work  makes sense.

Reina de las Flores

Reina de las Flores

Steph 2b

Steph 4I

Much more of Stephanie to come and other themes and models lined up in the coming weeks – woo hoo :-)

2016 Project Now Underway !!

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together… I know I do!

behind the screen

Today I have worked with 2 very talented ladies – Melanie Doyle (MUA) and Stephanie Dubois (Model) to bring into reality what has been living in my head for the past few months.

It’s so wonderful that everything I have created looked absolutely stunning on Stephanie – we had lined her up for just one “look”  but as we quickly realised how photogenic and versitile she was she ended up doing at least 3 other costume changes, and I have to say that each one was more beautiful than the one before.


Here are a couple of snippets from the day – Melanie and I are now working towards filling a Gallery with our photographic “efforts”.  Stephanie was the first of a number of models lined up for the project ……. but she will return in another guise quite soon :-)

Steph 1a

Steph 2a



Photoshop Fantasy

Having been completely focused on making the costumes and various sets for the upcoming photographic project,  I have very much neglected processing images from recent shoots. I don’t know about you, but I have lots of images living in my hard drive that I start to build into a picture but then abandon because … well because, its  just not “going anywhere”

Raphy & leaf


Excited at the prospect of working (again) with the extremely  beautiful and talented Raphaella in a couple of weeks time, I have spent the afternoon finishing off two images that I started (but abandoned) at the back end of last year.


Towards Tomorrow


I think they might be finished … but who knows :-)