Abstract Mountain ?

So I am totally out of my personal comfort zone now and really enjoying the feeling of freedom !

This picture actually started off as a texture and then I started to play around with it in Corel Painter….

Mountain Morning

As I was moving the pixels around I started to see a mountain range and sunrise (or sunset) beginning to emerge.

It’s still surprises me how powerful digital painting can be and how an abstract pattern can turn into something completely different.

A Portrait A Day………

Another day another portrait !   This time the very lovely Carolina who I had the pleasure of photographing earlier this year

Carolina 2ab


I wanted the picture to have a real painterly look about it with bold brash marks as if I had attacked the canvas with a brush heavily loaded with paint

However, here I am sitting quietly in my room gently dabbing at my Wacom Tablet – Digital art is much gentler and when you make a mistake (which I often do) it’s easy to delete and start again…. bliss

Painting …. Again !

Today I have been enjoying myself playing with Corel Painter 2016 again.    I think that portraits can be quite tricky for novices like me but … as I like to push my own personal boundaries, I thought would have a go at a portrait anyway


Loved the whole experience of producing this “painting” and will have another try (with another portrait) tomorrow





Carolina portrait 1a